Building easy solutions for sneaker collectors

Forget about large inversions to start botting. NO accounts, credit cards or mails. Join Hundreds of users obtaining profits from the first day. Level up your experience with Taurus.


How Taurus works?


Offbeat Features

Clean Interface

Forget about tiny popups and disorganized views. Enter our user-friendly interface.

Checkout Log

Checkout data is saved automatically. Editable in a fancy dashboard.

PerimeterX Tools

Exclusive help to gain advantage when high protection is enabled.

Queue Modes

Skip hard waiting rooms. Boost your chances even with low stock.

Fully Customizable

Proxy support, listeners, multiple browsers and much more...

Customer Support

Our community and our Support Staff are available to help you 24/7.


Top Supported Sites

Over 15+ high demanded stores including...

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User Success

Over 2000+ Successful Checkouts only in 2023.

Total average checkout rate of 27 per user.


Our Testimonials

We love hearing the feedback of our community. Here's what some users had to say:

Insane script and also an insane proyect, it has a really good performance supporting a lot of sites with a high probability to cop, helped me a lot with more than 20 cops in a short period of time. Thanks to all the staff... Highly recommended!



The extension is a very useful tool, it works smoothly and effectively. It has continuous updates that improve it day by day. The support team helps you with everything you need at any time and they care about making their users as satisfied as possible.


Taurus seems to me to be one of the best scripts at the moment. It's a project which is very interesting and which has helped me to buy many pairs. I am very grateful for all the support and help it provides. I recommend it 100%.



Super intuitive script, which is worked on day by day to keep it updated. With information shared about all the upcoming releases. All of this combined with a friendly support team. Taurus was my first script, and I recommend it to everyone!



Nothing like other bots not very useful, incredible easy and well optimized to use. I hated the low success previous to Taurus. Now in low stock releases i always cop. im also in love with the support team. Very worth!



The script you need if you want to destroy Shopify and Demandware. The staff is the best i know on discord also guide videos are the best to understand everything. Probably the best extension I ever had and would recommend.



No words for this script. Supported it from the beginning. Honestly the best project I ever seen. Staff, developers and users are very motivated. I am proud for being part of this family. It deserves more than 10 out of 10.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join?

You can join with restocks, groupbuys and giveaways.

Is it available on any country?

We only support stores from Europe. Some of them ship worldwide.

How can I apply for a groupbuy?

If you are a group, please wait until we are open to new requests. We will announce it in our social media.


Pricing & Plans

Pricing is based on a weekly subscription. Currently out of stock.

Out of stock

Initial fee: 15.00€


  • License key
  • Discord server access
  • Support 24/7
  • Prices include VAT
  • Refundable